Art Wanson Gallery
  April 8th - May 6th
Macaya Gallery

Blooming Beauties Exhibition featuring artists Emma Dunlavey, François Duerinckx and Mercedes Lasarte from April the 8th until May  the 6th at Miami

February 28, 2015 | Miami, FL – Since the Age of Antiquity, the influence and power of the feminine form continues to startle and transfix. “Blooming Beauties” celebrates the glory of women through sculpture, painting, mixed media and photography. Three artists who elevate the beauty of woman and empower their grace in modern-day works of art. Emma Dunlavey, Francois Duerinckx, and Mercedes Lasarte create an interdisciplinary survey of work that comes together this April.


Francois Duerinckx’ s body of work “Fashion Show Pop Models Art” celebrates the varied, harmonious, and elegant female form through sculpture that evokes a renewed vision of Pop Art. His work pays homage to haute couture, catwalks, models, while juxtaposing popular

brands with a rebellious sensibility and experimentation. Duerinckx’s mannequin-like models are created with molded fiberglass, meticulously sanded and painted, taking nearly 300 hours to complete. Strong, resilient, elegant, and sexy Duerinckx’s work celebrates the female form in a hyper realistic fashion.


Mercedes Lasarte, influenced by her studies in French Impressionism and

Post-Impressionism creates paintings in oil utilizing bold color palettes. Her work captures the spirit of painters Matisse and Gauguin, employing cloissonisme to cover swaths of canvas with bright strokes of paint that employ an emotional response and sense of color.

Her pieces evoke memories, personal experiences, and longing, choosing to focus on the composition as a whole rather than solely one form.


Emma Dunlavey has become well known for her professional photographic work. She often uses her images as a point of inspiration for creating large-scale multilayered art pieces with resin and mixed media. By incorporating 3-D objects into her pieces, Dunlavey’s artwork utilizes both visual and tactile elements to engage the viewer. This exhibit will showcase her David Bowie collection and previously unseen works featuring Pamela Anderson. Recently, Emma Dunlavey and Pamela Anderson collaborated on the book R AW , a collection of 300

photographs shot by Dunlavey spanning 20 years of friendship between the two.